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Sharada Kouthuvam by Sanjena Ramesh - Sridevi Nrithyalaya - Bharathanatyam Dance

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SHE is Sharadha, the consort of Lord Brahma and the giver of wisdom. HER luminous form radiates like the full moon and SHE endlessly bestows boons like the Kalpaka Tree. Holding the Veena in HER hands, SHE abates the sorrow of those who surrender.

A verse from Shyamala Dandakham followed by Sharada Kauthvam...

This Kouthuvam has been composed by Sri G Srikanth adapting the lyrics from the Marati bhajan on Goddess Saraswathi. This is set in Valachi ragam & Misra chapu talam.

Choreography - Smt.Sheela Unnikrishnan
Vocal - Sri G Srikanth
Composer & Mridangam - Sri Guru Bharadwaaj
Violin - Sri Embar Kannan
Flute - Sri Muthukumar
Veena - Tvm Sri Sounderrajan

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